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Our Journey Begins
Posted on September 28th, 2013

‚ÄčThis is for our wonderful friends, family and prayer warriors who have provided so much support the last couple of days without having any details yet on what we are dealing with other than our request of prayer. 

On Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, Mike began experiencing a persistent headache behind his left eye that began to affect his speech. Initially we were concerned it was possibly stroke-related, we sought medical attention. Over the past two days, he has undergone numerous tests.
The tests have concluded Mike has a 15mm brain tumor in his left temporal lobe. It has not been confirmed whether it's benign/malignant, but indications based on the MRI shows characteristics of malignancy (meaning it "glowed" on the MRI scan image). The good news is additional scans of his chest and abdomen have eliminated the probability of a primary tumor in other areas besides his brain - so we're not dealing with a stage 4 scenario.

We have met with an outstanding oncologist, had excellent care and are in the process of scheduling a date within the next two weeks to go to MD Anderson in Houston for neurosurgery. The biopsy/surgery will be conducted there with plans to return to Oklahoma City for treatment. 

Until then, steroid medications has helped with cranial swelling, Mike's headache has subsided and we are in good spirits. You would not know there was anything wrong with him which is a blessing. 

We're fortunate to have precious family and friends near who are close with our kids and can help. We have family and great friends in the medical field who can help us navigate this new place. We also have wonderful work families that are extremely supportive. We honestly feel like we can focus on this journey God has planned, to grow closer to Him and come out healthy and whole on the other side.

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