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Can't Write Much - MRI Coming Up
Posted on February 2nd, 2015

It was nice to have some "normal" time eating finger foods and watching the Super Bowl with Mom, Dad, Memaw and the kids. Michael has found a lot of enjoyment in watching ALL the football games - even though we didn't really care who won. 

I haven't been able to write a blog update. I think I've found comfort being withdrawn into taking care of my family, focusing on work and trying to keep us all well as possible. But tonight I feel very anxious about traveling tomorrow and our upcoming appointments. I feel a lot of fear and sadness. 

Fatigue is overwhelming for Michael right now. He tires easily and moving around is tough. However, he very much wants to see Dr Gilbert and get to NIH. Please pray and keep us in your thoughts that tomorrow we: 1) Don't encounter delays with travel; 2) Michael has extra energy and is comfortable while we are flying; and 3) We both remain calm and healthy. 

I'm not concerned when we land at Reagan National/DC. A sweet friend has taken care of our ground transportation as well as put us in touch with her dear friend that lives within five minutes of the hotel/NIH in case we need anything while we're there. It's the travel there and home that worries me because it can be so taxing mentally and physically when you're in normal condition - much less when only half of you wants to cooperate. 

The MRI is 6:45 AM (EST) on Tues and we'll get the results and meet with Dr Gilbert at 10:30 AM (EST) on Wed. We fly home Thursday.

We are praying we hear good news that radiation and Avastin/Lomustine has shrunk the tumor and will give us encouragement for the days ahead. Michael is incredibly courageous and waging a brave battle. I told him if love could heal him he would have all that he needed and then some. 

I can never say thank you enough. Trust me when I tell you the prayers truly carry us. 
(A favorite photo from Sept. 2004 on the North Rim of The Grand Canyon at sunset. Over the next couple of days he took me on a magnificent and spiritual adventure of hiking 20-plus miles from the North to South Rim with two nights spent at Phantom Ranch near the Colorado River.)

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